West Lindy

west-lindy2**V.I. Daily News Readers voted**

“Best of the Virgin Islands 2016, 2015 & 2014”

– West Lindy – Best Local Band
– Jon Gazi – Best Local Entertainer

“The parallel of energy found in our multi-national populace that makes up Carnival here in the Caribbean islands, to that of a rock show overseas is astounding, and MUST be embodied,” says West Lindy’s Jon Gazi. The band carries the torch for calypso driven rock music in the tropics, or “Rockalypso” to locals, known for their lively performances during annual Carnival parades and the world renown Foxy’s Old Year’s Night in the Virgin Islands. The honor of performing alongside acts such as Tarrus Riley, Flogging Molly, Rancid, Morgan Heritage, Gogol Bordello & Shaggy, among other inspirers, has been attained by consistency of devotion. A steadfast following fortified across the Caribbean has since grown familiar abroad by tours throughout the USA, Spain, Ecuador, Hawaii and Central America. Adamant activity held by exuberant frontman Jon Gazi holds a seemingly “never off tour” representation for the band. In their local market, which is nearly entirely tourism driven, Gazi performs his one man band multiple times a week at hotels, venues and cruise ship ports.

International distress and internal solutions fuel the fire they derive out of their home base, St. Thomas, USVI. They pay tribute, with utmost respect, to a late local musician, Lindy Frazier: a man well known by Virgin Islanders for his contagious smile and trademark cackle.”

– LoveCitySites.com, St. John, USVI



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