Tony Mag

Tony Mag started skateboarding in Stockholm, Sweden when skateboarding swept the country in 1976. After spending a few years at the top of the Swedish skateboard scene, T-Mag won the National Championship and toured the nation. The young Tony Mag decided to pursue his life dream of becoming the best skateboarder in the world and jumped on a plane to California at age 16 in 1980.

Tony became a “park local” skateboarder at the legendary Del Mar Skate Ranch and decided to learn how to make skateboards and immersed himself in the business of designing, manufacturing, marketing and selling them.

While the beginning was humble, over a 20 year time span, Tony Mag traveled world as a professional skateboarder, started several companies, including H-Street Skateboards and Osiris Shoes.

Tony still skates actively and has won numerous world championship titles, both as Pro skater in the 80’s and as a legendary skater in recent years. Yes, this board came with T-Mag’s exclusive “Tail Wells”, for locking in your back foot on smith grinds, feeble’s, smith vert’s and other radical tricks.

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