Steve Godoy

Written by Gus Ironside1 July, 2016
“The show kicked off just after 7.30pm with the unforgettable support act, The Fuckin’ Godoys. Jack White may have indulged in playful myth-making with the brother-sister conceit of early White Stripes, but there was no mistaking the shared DNA of the Godoy twins, Art and Steve.
Very few audience members would have known about the Godoys’ long history of collaboration with Birdman guitarist Deniz Tek. When the twins opened their set with the Ramones-like ‘Let’s Go’ from the Glass Eye World album that they recorded with Tek under the band name The Golden Breed, most of the audience took an involuntary strep backwards, perhaps wondering if these ebullient maniacs with matching tops, trainers and sleeve tattoos were about to launch an inverse stage invasion.

With a history as pro-skaters and tattoo artists, the Godoys could never be described as shy and retiring, and their bellowed vocals were of the football terrace variety so beloved of Sham 69 and The Skids.

The Dunfermline group were name-checked by the Godoys, along with The Rezillos, the Edinburgh band who were scheduled to share a bill with Radio Birdman on their first, ill-fated trip to these isles, back in the 70s.

The Godoys’ idiosyncratic instrumentation- Steve’s energetic surf-punk drums driving Art’s chorused 12 string Di Pinto electric- is a departure from the bluesrock template of the current glut of guitar & drums duos, and there was nodoubting that classic 70s Brit-Punk is their main inspiration. ‘Glass Eye World’ closed the twins’ high-energy set, which would surely go down a storm at the UK’s main punk festival, Rebellion.”

We have been recognized globally for the marriage of skateboarding and tattooing lifestyle and it was VERY noted as recently as the Finale episode of “The Voice” (air date- May 24, 2016) where Pharrel Williams was wearing a Godoy tee shirt. He asked us to sign an artist release for permission to wear that shirt ‘on-air’ prior to the shooting! That’s a big deal.

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