Ron Allen.

Ron Allen sponsors are Huf Worldwide, SkateMental Skateboards, Independent Trucks, Bones Wheels and Bearings, King of Socks, Sever Provisions Travel Gear, El Señor New York, H-Street Skateboard Reissue Series, Beastgrip Pro, Westside Skateshop & The Cream. Ron Allen has been shredding and having fun for decades!  Getting his first thrills in 1975. Ron first made his skateboard mark on the world with his ollies while riding for H-Street Skateboards in the late 80’s along with Danny Way, Matt Hensley and Sal Barbier plus many others!  Appearing in two historic H-Street skateboard videos, “Shackle Me Not” and “Hokus Pokus”, and in the Life video “A Soldier Story” defined Ron Allen’s skateboarding and formulated the foundation for his legendary status.

Ron is still skating everyday as if he just discovered skateboarding and always stoked for a session. Pro for over 25 years, he continues to keep the session hot. Showing up to The Skatepark of Tampa Pro Contest as a competitor at 53 years of age placing 38th, eight spots from the 30 cut semifinal!  Ron is probably the oldest veteran street skating pro still shredding and competing at over 50 years old.  Ron is a true skateboarder untainted by the industry pit falls; to him everything about skateboarding is fun.  Beyond skating, Ron’s other passions include music which he’s also done for over 25 years.  Ron has had the pleasure of performing with many talented musicians over the years and has made music for some epic skateboard videos. He’s also had the as he says “the most awesome chance” to perform with Jason Moran jazz pianist ,who just won the “jazz triple crown” by winning song ,album & artist of the year in 2015! These performances were in San Francisco, Washington DC & University of Michigan, Ann Arbor! The DC event was a 12 day event in front of the John F Kennedy Center called “Finding A Line”! Ron Allen aka MC Intelligence also goes out on his own music tours throughout the USA (Neverstopped Tour! ,Where the Bleep is Ron Allen American Dream Tour 2015 & Its a Fun.Life Tour 2016!) Getting the chance to hit the stage with DJ Remedy (Wu Tangs traveling DJ plus ESPN house DJ) & DJ As1(The current east coast DMC Champion) plus other artist! R.A. also does a lot of art and has been a creative contributor from the Bay Area who’s art can be seen in his different skateboard companies from Life, Fun, American Dream, Heetrz, and Energy Skateboards.  Ron Allen has been giving back to the youth through Positive Skateboard Experience- his skateboard camp! Ron Allen has been behind a lot of events in Northern California for the past twenty five years!

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