Calling all #shipmates!

If your dream is to play on board the Salty Dog Cruise with your favorite bands, then this is your chance to make those dreams come true! Rose Tours has ONE open slot on board the 2018 Salty Dog Cruise and we’re giving all #shipmates a chance to get it!

All you need is a video of your band/act, a Youtube account and relentless self-promotion.



Put up a new video (submitted on or after December 6th) of your band on YouTube. It can be a live video or a music video as long as it’s the best video you got. Rose Tours will then notify those who qualify (see below) that their video has been accepted. From there send the video to everyone you have ever known and FORCE them (or just ask them nicely) to log on and like your video. The video that has the most likes on January 31st will win 2 cabins and a set on board the Norwegian Sky for the Salty Dog Cruise!




December 6th to 17th – Submit your video here.

December 18th – All qualifying videos will be notified that their submissions have been accepted.

December 18th to January 31st – Notify all your fans, friends, family, family friends, real friends, fake friends, Facebook friends, friends with benefits, friends without benefits, followers, tweeters, Instagramers, and every random person who will listen to you to log on and vote for your video so YOU can play THE SALTY DOG CRUISE!

February 2nd, 2017 – the winning band will be notified and announced on, and on

Band members must be over the age of 21.

The video submitted must be dated on or after December 6th, 2017
All videos should be new (as of December 6th, 2017). That way they start off with 0 likes (as of the submission date) and make it a level playing field.

All videos must contain the Salty Dog Cruise video intro at the start of their video. This 10 second video can be downloaded here

The title of your video should contain “Your Band Name” -“Song Name” – “The Salty Dog Cruise submission”

The description of the video must include the following info:
The Salty Dog Cruise
April 20 – 23, 2018
Norwegian Sky

This contest will be administered by Rose Tours. Their decisions are final.
The full contest rules can be seen on the rules page.

The winning band will receive 2 Ocean View Cabins. All port taxes and meals will be covered. Any onboard expenses such as alcohol would be the responsibility of the band. (Approximate Value $5,856)

The winning band is responsible for their own flights and all transportation to and from the cruise terminal.

Neither Salty Dog Cruise nor Rose Tours make any claims to copyright of your video. By submitting you are attesting that you are the sole owner of all copyrighted materials contained in your video.

There are no length requirements for your video/song (besides normal YouTube limits). Don’t be so short that people can’t hear what your all about, but don’t be so long that people want to move on.

Make sure it’s a video that shows you play awesome songs and have lots of energy!