Askuktura_manlogoAskultura (oz-cool-two-ra), the rumba punk riot ska band from los sunny shores
of Miami, Florida; feisty team of 9 globally-sourced, handsome roqueros y sexy ballerinas.
Expect to hear French futbol anthems, ska punk for immigrants, zen buddhists, and illuminated smokerz,Italian tarantella & mambo, New Orleans street jazz, rumbas and cumbia and Andean folk music from the highlands of Peru. They tour in your childhood memory: a full-size 40ft yellow school bus with an aching desire to tour 24/7/365/3.14/666.
Their summer 2016 EP ‘It’s Like Jazz?’ promises to be a thumping and bumping collection of punk, mambo, reggae, and folk sounds.
Askultura Mission Statement: To spread the party of energia positiva & symphonic rumba punk elements to all curves of our galaxy. To exercise the spirit of the people’s streets
on all stages everywhere. To incite moments of brief rebellion while leaving a lasting aftertaste for change.

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